Music On A Mission (CD)

A unique collection of Songs and Stories from the Voice of a United States Veteran. This album focuses on the future of America, God and Country, Respect and Patriotism, and is dedicated to our Military, Veterans, Fire, Police, and Citizens of Service.

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Shockwave Wrestling Presents

Come out for a family friendly live pro wrestling event at the Beaufort Shrine Club on June 16th! $10 for adults and $7 for kids 

Halloween October 19th 2018

Laurie Strode prepares for a final showdown with masked killer Michael Myers. 

4th of July Show Linup


Jayce gets you ready for the fireworks with a show that will bring your music and more.

Starts at 12pm

The Smack Down Show

Titan and "Wild" Bill bring you a special episode. Talking about Bill's days in the military and much more.

Starts at 7pm

Mole Man's Patriotic Picnic

Mole Man takes you on a patriotic picnic when he brings you a 4th of July show playing all your patriotic favorites.

Starts at 6pm

Airing Of Music On A Mission

Music on a mission is a storyteller CD that we will air in its entirely. Dave tells you stories about his military days, our police men and women, the world today and more. Dave also sings you songs from his CD. Retired, current, and future military will want to hear this. Help him spread the mission.

Starts at 8pm  

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