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Music On A Mission (CD)

A unique collection of Songs and Stories from the Voice of a United States Veteran. This album focuses on the future of America, God and Country, Respect and Patriotism, and is dedicated to our Military, Veterans, Fire, Police, and Citizens of Service.

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Halloween October 19th 2018

Laurie Strode prepares for a final showdown with masked killer Michael Myers. 

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Monday Shows

  • Alex Jones Show - 6am
  • Dominating Impulse Show - 10am 

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  • Alex Jones Show - 6am 
  • Does This Happen To You - 11am
  • The Filmmakers Podcast - 7pm

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  • Alex Jones Show - 6am 
  • Fighting Through Show - 10am
  • The Shuffle - 12pm
  • My Worst Holiday - 3pm
  • Going Solo Network - 8pm

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  • Mole Man Show - 6pm (Explicit)

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  • Alex Jones Show - 6am 
  • From Da Bottom - 4pm
  • Electric Radio Show - 6pm
  • Literary License Podcast - 3pm

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  • 80's Power Hour - 12pm
  • 4th and Baker - 2pm
  • Shawna and La La - 5pm
  • The Smackdown Show - 7pm
  • Big Pimpin - 8pm (Explicit)
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  • Finally Alive - 7am
  • Psychic View - 9am
  • Paul Harvey - 10am
  • Home Away Show - 12pm

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